Tantric Massage Pleasures .

  Erotic - Sensual - Massage

              I am a mature male giving massage to women, men and couples.

          I have been giving massage for over 20 years to very satisfied clients!

              Contact me: Del- 07526 764627 or email me - dj92@gmx.com

I am now available for outcalls to your home or hotel

       Couples Massage


'Yoni' massage for the lady  and 'Lingam' massage for the man.

You can decide who goes first and interaction is encouraged between you.

Couples can be M / F

F / F, or M / M with the appropriate massages for each couple.

You are welcome to take photos of the session or video it.

Fee for this is £80



Couples massage tutition.

Why not come and learn how to massage your partner to her / his full satisfaction!

Contact me for full details and fees. dj92@gmx.com 07526 764627





Ladies 'Yoni' Massage.

Starting with a full body massage to the back, arms,

bottom, legs, feet and toes.

Then some massaging of the 'Yoni'.

Then turn you over for an intense massage of the breasts and nipples and the rest of your body.

Then to finish up a most intensive massage of your 'Yoni', both externally and internally, to the point of orgasm.

I will keep massaging your 'Yoni' for you to have multiple orgasms until you tell me to stop!

There is no time limit to the massage session and and I will do all I can to make sure you are fully satisfied.

Fee for this is £50.


Man's 'Lingam' Massage.

Starting with a full body massage to the back, shoulders, bottom and legs.

Then turn you over on to your back and massage the rest of your torso all the way down your legs.

Then  finishing with a long, slow, and very intensive massage to your 'Lingam' until orgasm.

Fee for this is £50.

Strictly no anal work.